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TA-230C / TA-230

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Mã SKU: Taiwan
Mã hàng : TA-230C
Bảo hành : 12 tháng
Tình trạng : Còn hàng
Xuất xứ: Chính hãng
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Skillful, All-In-One Compact, Ideal for Any Application

Add the "ECHO" function 

  • The case of using ABS material as one piece that provides a splendid acoustic effect, better softens and tenderizes the low frequency effect so that it can further promote the whole sense of value.
  • 17 inches LCD extreme quality.
  • Audio-visual player, suitable for business presentation, act as teaching media, enjoying movie.
  • USB port, connections to major multimedia devices.
  • Consumer digital AV connections, applicable to use with karaoke machine, video game device, and output to match with bigger ambience
  • Microphone priority function is at your discretion (When microphone is being used, background music volume will automatically be reduced to a minimum.).
  • Low-voltage protection circuit function extends battery life. (TA-230C)
  • Rechargeable battery and automatic charge device. (TA-230C)
  • You can install anti-shock CD player(for CD、USB、SD Card、MP3 ), DVD player and UHF receiver module.
  • Wired microphone, wireless microphone, CD, MP3, SD, USB port, and other audio sources can be mixed simultaneously to the input.
  • Concealed antenna.
Product Specifications


TA-230C Specification

TA-230 Specification

Power Output

Max 200W



Frequency Response

60Hz~20KHz ± 3dB


17” LCD Screen

Ausio-Visual Player

Supports major formats


Dual 8” full range speaker+ 3" tweeter


Power Supply

Switching Power (100V-120/200V-250V)



12V / 7Ah × 2


Charging Time

15 hours charge

Using Time

DC 4 hours consecutive use

Receiver Module

PLL Synthesized, UHF 16 CH x 2

Media Input

Can connect with KARAOKE Computer

Media Output

Can connect with projector or other media player


CD /USB / SD Player, DVD Player (option)

Audio Input

6.3 Ø jack MIC In and Line In

Audio Output

AV Out


470(L) × 320(W) × 850(H)mm




Exterior Color











 *According to the reality provide

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